Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Savvy's First Feeding - Part II

Here's lots more pictures.  I couldn't choose.  Babies eating, especially for the first time, are just too cute.

Of course, Boston had to take his turn in the seat with his own food.  He was too funny about it, but it got him to eat his breakfast, so I was happy!

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Savvy's First Feeding - Part I

Savannah had her first taste of rice cereal today.  She LOVED it.  She has been eyeing our food lately.  So I decided to let her try some of her own.  She was totally going for it, diving for the spoon... so cute!  Boston was a little jealous and wanted to be in her chair eating his food.

In these pics, he was telling me that she didn't want to eat it, and that it was HIS chair.

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Photo Session With Savvy

Just some random pics of my little Savvy.  She's four months now, and getting so big!  She is so much fun, and so good at posing for the camera.  I may be in trouble.

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Bossie's Haircut

I gave Boston a haircut the other day.  He had sported the Beiber do long enough.  I used the clippers, and this time he didn't freak.  I stayed pretty long with the top because I didn't want to be shocked.  He has had longer hair for quite awhile now.  I think I will probably do it again soon and go shorter.

Here he is playing with his Buzz spaceship, sporting his new do.  As Mark pointed out, it could definitely be blended better.  As I pointed out, I had a moving target.  You try to do better! 

All in all, I think it was a success.  I just need to make sure I cut it frequently now, so he doesn't regain his fear of the clippers.